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Donna Herrington
Just finished Compound Fractures. Whew....didn't see that comin'. I finished Line of Fire on Friday and just had to buy Compound Fractures immediately. I've been a Stephen White fan for years. Have read the entire series and have passed them on to my friends. I will miss Alan and Sam and Diane. SW, you've provided years of sheer entertainment and reading pleasure. Your books are smart, the characters and plots are well thought out. Such a rare talent. I wish you only good things going forward. Will look forward to anything you put out there. Best of luck.
Diana Kudsk
Just finished Compound Fractures! While an excellent book it was full of surprises. I can hardly believe it's the end! I feel as if I lost a best friend, this has been one of my favorite series for over 20 yrs. I hope you have some more stories in you because I will miss the excitement of seeing your name on a new release. Boy am I going to miss
Alan, Sam etal.

Scott Pope
Session Terminated...

So, get out of your chair
and take the dogs outside;
enjoy a picnic with your wife
and a ride with your son.

for a job well done!
jane Davis

"What the hell were you thinking?"

I have waited a couple of months to address that question so that I didn't get in the way of my most fervent readers as they digested the end of the series. I didn't wish for my perspective on my own work to contaminate anyone's experience of reading it. the link to keep reading this new essay from Stephen.

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