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With this finishing the series, why the less than clear ending? Alan is with an "unidentified" woman and there still seems to be possible jeopardy for Alan and Sam for the murder they share. Why not just indicate if Alan is with Amy, Kirsten, Amanda; or possibly Lila? Also closing out the issue of legal jeopardy would have ended the issue.

If another book was possible, I can see leaving all of these issues open, but if it's over; why not actually end all issues?

I am so disappointed at the way this wonderful series has ended. It seems that Alan has lost all those he loves; wife, friends Raoul, Diana, and his and Sam's relationship has changed as well. I am just so sad for him! I was (and am) invested in Alan's life for 20 years and, yes I know he is fictional and that in the real world things change radically all the time, but this just seems desperately sad!
Thank you for the years, Stephen. I hope in the future you decide to pick up pen (computer) again and bring us another compelling character. 
Your humor, your informative narratives and your Boulder setting will stay on my shelves and in my heart.
Best in all you do, Stephen
I just finished Compound  Fractures and have a few things I want to say. I have read all of your books, they have been magic.I moved to Golden, Co in 1999 and have loved recognizing all of the familiar places named in your books. I, too, am a medical professional and an avid cyclist and that just added to the enjoyment.The issues you have dealt with are very real, life is not a black and white picture but shades of gray. I have to admit and agree with another responder to this site--I was left hanging with Fractures---so many questions and issues still left unresolved In my very humble opinion it still merits one more book to settle these issues in the eyes of your readers. Alan has become almost a family member, I would much rather know that his future is more secure and he can sail off into the sunset with a great woman. Not too much to ask???????Just being funny. You are an awesome writer, I will miss the Alan series so much, hope you keep writing in the future. Who knows, we might run into each other on a bike or a hike????Thanks for the GREAT books .
I, too have read the entire Alan Gregory series - most twice.  I was really caught up in the first 16 books.  In books 17-19, I got the idea that tha author had lost interest in his work.  I read Compound Fractures out of a sence of duty to my previous efforts.  This book was somewhat redeeming but it leaves some serious questions.  Was Alan Gregory an "Unreliable Narrator" or  was Stephen White an "Unreliable Author".  Alan was the "one who loved" and Lauren was the one who "consented to be loved".  In chapter 52, Alan sums up the nature of his relationship with Lauren.  He is way off base.  Is that the aauthor telling us that Alan still doesn't have a clue or the author showing that the author doesn't have a clue? The "three women" thing in the Epilogue is just stupid. Why further diminish Alan's credibility as a human being.  If the woman isn't Kirsten Lord, isn't Alan a despicable character in addition to not having a clue?  I thought THE PROGRAM was the best book in the series and Alan should have left Lauren for Kirsten then - but he didn't have a clue - right?
Audrey Mento
Although I was sad to have to be saying farewell to characters who feel like old friends, I couldn't wait to get my hands on COMPOUND FRACTURES and then couldn't put it down once I started reading it.  As I read the final pages, though, I felt cheated.  Stephen White supposedly planned the ending of this series, but there really was no end.  COMPOUND FRACTURES ended as though there would indeed be another novel.  Why all the hipe about the "end" of the series if there really wasn't going to be any resolution?
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