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Just read the excerpt from Compound Fractures and it was RIVETING!!!! One of the best excerpts by Stephen that I have read.  Can't WAIT for the book to come out.  This one, like all his others, sounds great.  Can't believe the series has to come to an end, though.  Keep hoping Stephen will reconsider.  Here's hoping the readers who typically pick up the book in the library actually buy the book this time to give Stephen food for thought to consider amidst greater profitability. C'mon the book this time if you normally don't, please......
Jane Davis

Here's the link:

Chris Mayberry
Excellent suggestion from Katie.
I can't imagine Dr. White changing his mind but I'd love to see physical book sales soar with his series finale.
I pre-ordered mine the minute I finished Line of Fire.  And it should be in my hands just in time for my summer vacation in the Quebec Laurentians.  Perfect!
Just finished the new excerpt... Um I think I now know how a guy feels after making out for a while only to have the girlfriend stop-suddenly and come down with a headache . Can't wait till August !!! Bittersweet anticipation.
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