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Jane Davis


field-notesReaders of Compound Fractures will discover that a crucial plot point turns on a prominent series character using Field Notes notebooks. Kevin Guilfoile (bestselling writer of Cast of Shadows and The Thousand, and a friend of Stephen's) alerted the people at Field Notes about the plot point, and the Field Notes folks not only graciously arranged to have Kevin do an author/author interview with Stephen about Compound Fractures, but they are also providing a most generous two-for-one deal on Field Notes notebooks to readers of Compound Fractures (good through the end of August.) Purchase a 3-Pack of County Fair Memo Books for your favorite US State and you'll also receive a Standard Kraft Mix Pack free of charge. A $9.95 value. Just make the purchase before the end of August and use the coupon code COMPOUNDFRACTURES when you purchase. 


To read the author interview, and to take advantage of the great offer on Field Notes notebooks, go to their website at

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