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I have finished Compound Fracture - and read parts of it twice.  It was somewhat confusing.  Overly complex but still Stephen White writes beautifully.

However I now despise Lauren for her affair.  I am hating what she did to her husband and children.  And somewhat bewildered at where she found the time and privacy for this betrayal.

After all, due to her illness, she often took time off work or Lauren would come home and rest while Alan made supper and took care of kids and house.  Alan gave Lauren a LOT of support and this is her reward?  Infidelity.  I hate her.

And it is exhausting because I have no place to put the hate.  The breakfast w the kids in the end was to show us that they will be ok.  And the girl was obviously LA Amy - and showing us that Alan will recover and live to enjoy his life again.  He is having fun.  He deserves some fun.  And it goes without saying that he recovered from his paranoia and is back in good esteem with his best friend Sam.

Kristin has too may wounds of her own to want to have a relationship with Sam.  And Amanda left town.
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