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Jane Davis

"bestseller White's engrossing 20th and final novel featuring Boulder, Colo., psychologist Alan Gregory … The shocking finale confirms White's central metaphor, drawn from the local story of tightrope walker Ivy Baldwin, who frequently crossed a half-mile canyon on a wire without a net and sometimes at night: life for the tormented psychologist is a fearful balancing act, where the only absolute is his desire to protect his children. He may survive, but at what cost to his soul?"
— Publishers Weekly

"This is an excellent wrap-up to a consistently excellent series, but it may be, at least for some readers, a difficult book to read, because finishing it means saying goodbye to an old friend."
— Booklist

"Fans sad to see the saga end will be enthralled by its daring crescendos"
— Kirkus

Virginia Crawford
........................a big fan of Stephen White.  I found that this final Alan Gregory story more filler than story and dis-jointed.
Hope we get a new Hero and series from a good story teller - Stephen White.
Michael V
I am grateful for the hours of reading pleasure I have experienced through all 20 Alan Gregory books.
I started out with one and then went back to the beginning so I could get the whole history of the characters and the context.
I am, also in mourning for the loss of further books in this series. I am sad that we will not get to read about justice being done.
I understand the marketplace pressures, but cannot help but feel sad for your having to make changes.
I will, however, look forward to your new books.
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