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John Boyer
Just finished reading "The Program" for the second time. First reading was 03/02/2002. Regarding the first reading, I did not realize just how good a writer Stephen White is. I guess the 800 or 900 books I've read since then taught me a few things about GREAT fiction and average fiction. "The Program" was one of the BEST books I've read in the past 10 years. Makes JK look like a beginner. Awesome book! (But do we really need to know when everyone pees? What about when they take a.......never mind.....I'm just yankin' your chain) I could not put "The Program" down. I went back to my shelves and found "Warning Signs" (first read 03/09/2003) and I am looking forward to reading with a new appreciation for what Stephen White brings to the arena of Thriller/Fiction.
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