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Jane Davis

"What the hell were you thinking?"

I have waited a couple of months to address that question so that I didn't get in the way of my most fervent readers as they digested the end of the series. I didn't wish for my perspective on my own work to contaminate anyone's experience of reading it. the link to keep reading this new essay from Stephen.

Leslie Pryor
Jane and Stephen, I am a bit late with my feedback. I read LOF and CF in two days and I'm a little piqued by the whole "end of the series" thing. I have been a fan of Stephen white for nearly twenty years and I can say with all sincerity, that few writers hold a candle to his skill as a story teller. However, I barely recognized Alan Gregory in Compound Fractures. Compound Fractures reads like a first novel. Was the CF story good? Yes, it was a good read. But, I found myself getting tripped up by the enormous amount of details and the overuse of plots. I think a three-book end to the series would have worked better. For example, most of the books piggy back another book and their plots and subplots develop and are then resolved in fewer pages. You could have worked that out in three books. 436 pages is a lot of words.

As for the mystery woman at the end, my jury is still out. I don't think it bears much weight on the rest of the story. Was it an attempt on Alan's behalf to settle the score with Lauren? Can't say, maybe. I think everyone who reads this book will attest to character changes in Alan, so he may have picked Amy, with the least baggage. But I can't imagine him picking Amanda or Izza because he's a bit of a snob, and there may be some STD threats there. At any rate, the inference I made is that it was a tryst and not to be taken seriously.

Keep writing Stephen White, you are a master of your trade. I can't imagine what your creative mind will whip up, but I know it will be well written and intelligent. Higher Authority is still my favorite book.
All I can say is WOW!  I was so shocked an surprised at the ending of CF. I will truly miss Alan Gregory as a character in your books.  But I await fervently for whatever characters and themes you create in the future!  Hurry up Stephen White, you and Elizabeth George are my very favorite authors!
Janice Jones
I am sad (analyze that Dr Gregory)!  But I just want to thank Stephen White for my annual trip to Boulder.  In real life, I have only been there three times, but in your books I return again and again and see the city and its wonderful setting in my mind. Living in Canada, I was a late-comer to the series, as they did not appear in the usual bookstores (Why?). However I am all caught up now, with the help of a small but jam-packed bookstore called WHODUNIT, owned and run by a retired Professor and his family,

I have two other favourite authors. Phil Rickman writes a special genre of series involving religion/"magic" and mystery, his main character being a Church of England female priest, appointed to practice "Deliverance" (read "exorcism").  He writes from Hay-on-Wye, on the border of England and Wales and his series is set in that area - familiar to me as near to my birthplace.  The familiar places take me "home".

Although I believe the other series I have loved is now ended, I have always found Tony Hillerman's "Four Corners" series doubly interesting - again a way to revisit an interesting place and learn more about those who inhabit that seemingly barren landscape.

Of course, there is a small door left ajar by you!  Maybe, if Alan Gregory takes a "time-out" with his new lady, he will be back at work eventually. I will be watching out for him!!  Helliot is still around, and Diane and Raoul - and the kids - and, of course, Sam. So, we shall see!

Thank you again, Stephen,

Sincerely, Janice

Jay Jacobus
When a psychologists warns, it seems that he/she needs to explain the reason for the warning and then. if that's done, he/she becomes an accuser, witness and testifier.  I get the reason for warnings but this seems to put the patient in jeopardy for his/her "confidential" sessions.

How is this legally resolved particularly when the warning turns out to be unjustified?

Thank You Stephen White for a great continuing character series. I love these when they are well written and track an interesting character, which yours definitely does. You are certainly in my top tier with Lee Child, Michael Connelly and John Sandford. Hope to to see something from you in the future. Thank you for some great entertainment. The reason for the post now is I'm planning to reread the series.
I came across my first Stephen White book 20 years ago.  I grew up in Colorado and was living in another state, so when I saw the book took place in Boulder, I had to read it.  I became a fan right away and anxiously awaited each new book.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that the series came to an end.  I have re-read all 20 books several times to fill the void.  I keep hoping that someday Mr. White will write one last Alan Gregory novel that let's us know how they are doing in the future. 

Jamie Young
I'm one of those people who fell off the 'reads real books' ledge several years ago..  and recently has come back.  And as one who fell off that ledge, I have been buying my-favorite-authors books from Amazon at an alarming rate in order to catch-up, i.e. Patricia Cornwall, Elizabeth George, and of course, Stephen White.  Read the last 3 books of the series in two days, staying up very late because I couldn't put them done.  Love, love Alan Gregory and I have to say, NEVER saw that coming - Lauren and Raoul and Diane.  Am I satisfied with how it all ended?  Not in the least and I guess that's what makes it and will continue to make the series memorable.  I feel strongly that we need a book every once in a while so we can get a peek into how Alan and his family (Sam is family too) are doing.  Even if it's a story about an entirely different character and Alan or Sam make a cameo appearance.  Thanks, Mr. White, for all the many hours of having the privilege of entering Dr. Gregory's world.  It's truly been an honor.
No books since 2013? I would love to see stories of Sam continue.  How about Mr. White?
Joyce E Moore
No reply, no more books? As I said Sam Purdy books would be great...
Jane Davis
Stephen is not writing any new books at this time. 
Judy Eckstein

Hi Stephen,

We are huge Girlyman fans, despite their break up long ago.
I'm a psychologist in Roseburg, OR and my husband (also a therapist) and I have a musical group called The Multiple Personalities. We have done many Girlyman songs and are performing Supernova this summer in a backyard concert.

I also have recordings of their concert in Eugene, OR with many tuning songs and other fun asides.

If you're ever out this way, love to have you come by. We'll do a whole night of Girlyman songs if you'd like!

Love your work.


(541) 784-8612
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