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I'm halfway through Compound Fractures. 56% to be exact, according to my Kindle. Ugh. God.

It has not been a pleasant experience so far. My stomach and head actually ache a little due to the recent story developments. Kudos to the author for that-I'm exceedingly impressed by a book affects me so strongly. 

But Stephen White, you must freaking (not my first choice of word) hate Alan Gregory. It's not enough to end him. First you're going to torture him and destroy everything he ever held dear. Both of the kids are ok so far, but I have no confidence that they will remain so through the end of the book.

I do understand that an author doesn't always completely control the direction that a story takes. But really, you seem to be enjoying his pain a bit much. Have you no love left at all for this character you've spent so many years with, and who I assume has made you plenty of money? This crap with Lauren and Raul. You should be ashamed.

Ok, in case someone's about to call the dangerous stalker patrol, I know Alan and Lauren are not real. And I'm not personally angry with you. Well, maybe a little. Not quite angry enough to post this in the Questions for Stephen White section where I would be more sure you might read it. It's just a book. It is what it is.

But you know, I do love Dr. Gregory. He has spoken to me from the page and helped me in my real life. I don't mind that you are ending the series, but I do question the way you are blowing it all up. I can only hope that that there will be some manner of comfort offered by the end of the book. But I don't feel at all optimistic based on how things are going so far.

I had planned to read all weekend long and was looking forward to it. But it's a beautiful fall day here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and I am putting aside this story and going for a walk. It is a good book. But it's not fun. Not at all.
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