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LA Amy? Or someone else?

I think Kirsten. I hope Kirsten.
That was my second guess.

I don't believe it was Kirsten....the dialogue was just not fit beguiler Amy rather than Kirsten

It is out of character for Gregory to bring a woman into his house so soon after his wife's death, considering his concern for his children..

he just as well could have been in bed with Delilah or Lucy, to finally put the end to this series.

Just finished this book (realize I'm months behind everyone else.)  So I'm the only one who thought the woman at the end was Sam's girlfriend, Ophelia?  A) A couple of references to breasts...B) her hiding behind Alan when Sam walked in...C) the enigma of it all.  A mirror of what Raoul had done to him.
I think it was the beguiler. Sam would have recognized if it were Ophelia, even from the back, and he was still with her, as reference was made to the "lock-picking cop" across the road. No one else would have behaved like that and Amy kept after Alan throughout the book. There would have been no reason for Stephen to keep mentioning her if she were just a dead end. Alan finally caved because he no longer cared. (Kirsten was seeing someone else).
Blue Sky Bob

Has to be Amy, for two reasons: 1) she was the only one going in Alan’s direction romantically the entire time, and 2) It fits Alan’s ambivalence to cave in after keeping her at a distance for so long.

It isn’t Kirsten, Amanda or Izza: all three had reason to distance themselves from Alan and/or Boulder: Kirsten for professional ethics [plus she was seeing someone], Amanda to get away from Raoul, Izza because Alan knew she’d offed the bad grandfather.

And it sure isn’t Ophelia because Sam would have recognized her, even from behind.

Then again, maybe Alan, knowing his professional career was over, abandoned everything and went down up to The Hill and picked up a co-ed….

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